Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 in Pictures

January - Snowmobile trip in the U.P
February - Anthony and I turned 25.

March - Emily was in the play Aladdin at school. 

April - Second Easter in our house. 

June - First Wedding Anniversary

June - Emily graduated from elementary school (6th grade).

July - We spent the 4th of July Up North!

August - Stephanie and I took a trip to Kalamazoo to visit Barbara.

September - Kate and Chris got married.

October - Sara, Sean, and Aiden's going away party.

November - Anthony and Lauren are having a baby!  We will find out if we have a niece or nephew in February.

December - Christmas at Anthony and Lauren's house. 

*I some how missed the month of May when taking pictures.  In May Bryan turned 25.

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